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Q: I already own a RAM mount for my car that supports my mobile phone, laptop, GPS, sat-nav, PDA, tablet PC etc. but now I want to mount that same device onto my motorcycle. Do I have to order a whole new mount?

A: No. All you need to do is purchase a new surface base compatible with both your current mount and the mounts new destination.

Click on 'Components' in the left hand navigation menu, go to the section RAM-B (1.0" dia.) and select a new base suitable for your motorcycle (e.g. RAM-B-231Z / U-Bolt Base with 1" Ball). You will use your existing double socket arm and device holder. Alternatively, from the Device Mounts section in the navigation menu, find your existing device holder and select a complete new base kit.

Q: If I’m planning on changing the base of my mount in order to attach it onto a different vehicle that is exposed to the environment such as a bicycle, motorcycle or an ATV, will my RAM mount and my device get damaged?

A: RAM Mounts are entirely weatherproof and extremely durable, and you can protect your device using a RAM Aquabox. You’ll find our Aqua-Boxes in the 'Device Mounts' section on the left hand navigation menu.

Please note that we are not liable for any damages made to a device due to user negligence.

Q: Will my device be secure in a RAM Mount?

RAM Mounts are put through vigorous safety testing to ensure that your device will remain secure. Their patented design also absorbs vibration giving an additional level of security and protection to electronic devices.

Q: I recently purchased a RAM mount and the product has failed / broken in use. How do I get my money back?

A: We offer a lifetime guarantee on our mounts and we will refund any purchases that are damaged due to product fault provided you are able to offer photographic evidence of the incident and the physical damages made as a result of. Products damaged due to user error and negligence will not be refunded.

Q: I recently purchased a RAM mount and upon receiving the goods I’ve decided that it’s not the product for me. Can I return it?

A: If you’re a business and you’ve ordered the wrong part(s) by accident then you are eligible for a full refund, although we do charge a 15% handling fee for the inconvenience. If you have tried and tested your RAM product only then to decide that you’ve changed your mind then you are still eligible for the same full refund, but keep in mind that you will be charged full price for any damages made to any products during testing.

Q: I own a device that doesn’t seem to be on your list of device holders. What should I do?

A: If you can’t find a holder that is specifically designed to host your particular device then we offer a wide range of universal holders that can expand to fit a number of devices that may be suitable. This solution is ideal if you have 2 similar devices that you wish to mount in turn that are slightly different in size.

If you wish to mount a unique device, mount a common device in an uncommon place or both, visit the 'Universal Mounts' and ‘Components’ sections of our website where you'll find common and custom solutions for your particular application. For more information please contact our support team using our contact form.

Q: My laptop / device is extremely heavy, where / how do you recommend mounting it in my car / truck or on my motorcycle / ATV?

A: Our mounts are extremely heavy-duty and can support any device weighing up to 20lbs in any vehicle in any situation. For heavier devices with bigger surface areas such as larger laptops we would normally recommend using products such as the seat-mate or a swing-arm / tele-pole system for guaranteed support.

Such systems are recommended when a passenger seat / extra space is available, but when travelling in / on smaller vehicles such as ATV’s or bicycles it’s important to consider the practicality of your mount. In variable off-road environments, moving parts in some devices such as hard-drives in laptops are easily damaged due to vibration so be sure to consider solid-state drives and components in your chosen devices when mounting as RAM will not be held responsible for goods damaged under these circumstances. Despite this, damage may still occur when using other mounting solutions, which is why the unique shock and vibration dampening in our mounts make RAM the safest choice available.

Q: Do you offer an installation service?

A: If you're a business customer requiring multiple installations we offer a variety of services up and down the country. For further information please contact our support team using our contact form. If you're not a business customer we recommend that you contact your local dealer for further advice / assistance in your local area.

Please note that we provide well-written and easy to understand literature with illustrated assembly in every product pack with the intended purpose of making it as easy as possible to assemble our mounts.